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Representative Directory

OED Marketing

2030 Powers Ferry Road, Suite 230
Atlanta, GA 30339

Tel: 919.820.8391
Fax: 770.984.8918
Email: jeff@oedreps.com
Web: http://www.oedreps.com/

Line List (states/regions represented) for TN:

AllSeating - (AL, AL, SC, SC, SC, SC, TN, FL, NC, TN, NC, TN, NC, TN, NC, LA, MS, AL, AL)
Artopex Inc. - (FL:South, SC, AL, MS, TN, GA, LA, TN:West)
Berco Tableworks (Now known as Berco, Inc.) - (FL:North, FL:Central, SC, TN:West, GA:South, GA, FL:South, AL, FL:East, TN, MS, LA:North, FL, LA, LA:South)
Egan Visual - (TN:West, MS, AL, LA, SC, GA, FL:South, TN)
ESI Ergonomic Solutions - (SC, TN, FL:South, AL, LA, TN:West)
Indiana Furniture - (GA:South, LA:South, FL:South, GA, SC, FL:North, LA:North, LA, MS, FL:Central, FL:East, TN, AL, FL:Panhandle, NC)
Magnuson Group - (FL:South, TN)
Maxon Furniture, Inc. (A Division of HNI Corporation) - (FL:South, GA:South, FL:North, TN:West, LA:North, FL:Central, LA:South)
Mayline - (MS, TN, FL:Central, GA:South, FL:East, FL:North, SC, TN:West, FL:South, AL, GA)

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