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Representative Directory

Dan Binford & Associates

2226 Gilbert Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45206

Tel: 513.221.4800
Fax: 513.475.5838
Email: danbinford@aol.com
Web: http://www.danbinford.com and www.trendingresources.com

Line List (states/regions represented) for OH in South:

Andreu World - (PA:West, WV, IN, OH, KY)
Bold Furniture - (PA:West, WV, IN, OH, KY)
Cabot Wrenn - (WV, IN, OH, KY, PA:West)
Carnegie - (OH)
Cramer - (IN:South, KY, IN, ID, OH:North, IN:North, OH:South)
Gressco - (PA:West, WV, IN, OH, OH:North, KY, OH:South)
Highmark (a div. of OFS Brands) - (OH:South, WV, KY, IN, OH:North)
Krug Furniture Inc. - (PA:West, WV, IN, OH, KY)
Nevers Industries, Inc. - (OH, IN, KY)
Nevins LLC - (OH, PA:West)
Peter Danko Design - (OH:North, OH:South, PA:West)
Segis USA, Inc. - (PA:West, WV, IN, OH, KY)

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