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Animated, fun and easy to use (even the technologically challenged find navigating SpecSimple.com a breeze), SpecSimple.com is the industry's Number 1 free site for sourcing design products and services. Supported by advertising and a full line of internet marketing services, it offers directories for manufacturer, dealer, representative and product information, and provides industry-related services such as web reviews, industry news and a calendar of events.

SpecSimple.com prides itself on its R&D, which continually turns out unique, interactive tools that are enjoyed by thousands of professionals. SpecSimple.com's product guide is a good example. "Walk through the doors" of a virtual building (school, hospital, hotel, office and home) and "shop" for the products you need to source. SpecSimple.com's unusual level of creativity streamlines the research process and makes it more gratifying. With " Virtual Library," customize SpecSimple.com's data for individual needs.

SpecSimple.com receives over 36,000,000 hits per year and has 700,000+ unique users. We invite you to join our community and to use our resources as often as you'd like!

Spec Simple, Inc's design-related services include: Info Edge , Save A Sample! and Virtual Library.

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